Dress Your Body: A Curvy Girl’s Guide To Dressing Hot

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To look and feel your best, it’s important to take time to create a nice wardrobe. Although it may seem as easy as buying the clothes you like, there is much more to it than that.

Here is a complete curvy girl’s guide to dressing hot:

Get fitted: the first thing you want to do is get fitted for clothes. By knowing the measurements of things such as your hips, waist and chest, you can find clothes that will fit you. It is very common to (more…)

How To Pick The Perfect LBD For A Party

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A LBD, also known as a “little black dress,” is the perfect outfit for almost any party, regardless of the season, occasion or time of year. Generally, a LBD is a cocktail length black dress that may be sleeveless or have short sleeves. In winter though, you may be able to find some little black dresses that are knee length but feature long sleeves, making them more suitable to colder weather.

Look for a LBD that flatters your unique body. There are many different styles of (more…)

Dressing For Work: Find The Balance Between Professional and Fashionable

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Being professional is essential in every career field. However, that does not meafn that fashion is rulled out. Mixing the two adds personality and uniqueness, which boosts how a person is perceived by either co-workers, clients, or supervisors. How to achieve that, is the posed question. A baseline needs to be established. Professionalism usually equals a certain amount of modesty. Over-garments, such as slacks or blazers, should remain a solid color. However, accessories are key. (more…)

Why Shoes Make Or Break Your Outfit

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So you’ve just bought a fancy new outfit for work. Before heading to the office in your new suit, make sure you’re wearing a good, clean pair of dress shoes. While people may notice your new suit, the shoes you wear says more about what type of man you really are.

Style and Color

The style of the shoes you wear is very important. Make sure the style of the shoes matches the style of your suit. Always remember that you don’t (more…)

Are You Wearing That? How To Deal When People Don’t Get Your Style

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Are You Wearing That? How To Deal When People Don’t Get Your Style

Don’t Take Things Personally
The number one rule to bear in mind is to not take things personally. This is crucial for not becoming affecting by the opinions of others. Many artists, fashion designers and actors have been criticized over the course of history. Developing a thick skin will prevent you from unnecessary self-criticism and doubt.

It is Far Better To Be Yourself Than Somebody Else
Do not (more…)

Look Chic: How To Go From Drab To Fab With The Help Of A Scarf

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You know that you have a few of these colorful wonders tucked away somewhere in the depths of you dresser or closet. It’s a scarf! Don’t underestimate the power that this little and sometimes odd piece of fabric has.
For example, you are ready to head out for a nice evening with someone special and you put on your favorite black dress. Then you slide into your black heels and grab a black clutch. You look in the (more…)